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The dead and the dying, Brooke DiDonato



mgworld4Robert Crumb - Cartoonist [1992]

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I had to do a project for my ethics class. I had to write a speech about a transformation, and the speech had to be accompanied by some sort of visual aid. 
I decided to write about myself. I completely transformed my view of myself this past year or so, and these pictures are a representation of this change. I hated myself and my body for so long. I convinced myself that I was worthless and unlovable. I finally got sick of feeling like that, and decided to take this self-love journey. (And I’m glad I did.)
The first picture portrays my initial negative view of myself, including words like, “disgusting,” “unlovable,” and “worthless.” The second picture, showing my transformation, says things like, “loved,” “beautiful,” and “kind.” 
Both images include the word “fat,” because fat no longer has a negative connotation in my mind. Fat, just like the other words written on my body in the second image, describe who I am.
I am fat, and I am finally proud to be the woman I am.

This is amazingly beautiful

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  • to the black kids who are nerdy
  • to the black kids who are sensitive
  • to the black kids who are queer
  • to the black kids who are immigrants
  • to the black kids who are femmes
  • to the black kids who are closeted
  • to the black kids who are shy
  • to the black kids who are awkward

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" Thanks. It has pockets! "

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It is not finally
interesting to remember.
The damage

is not interesting.

I have to imagine

she said.

I have to act
as though there is actually
a map to that place:

when you were a child –

And then:

I’m here
because it wasn’t true; I

distorted it –

I want, she said,
a theory that explains


I want it
to be my fault
she said
so I can fix it.


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