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just moved my mattress for the first time in seven months:
-large spider
-two unused condoms
-half smoked joint

there’s this burning
just like there’s always been

i fucking hate holidays.


Gently watching as the coping mechanisms for this funk unwrap before me like a set of field surgery tools - to cut open, to repair.

I just invited someone over to watch a movie. Our last in-person conversation went something like: “shit, you make me nervous!” “ditto.” “hrm, do you know why?” “um probably cuz I have a crush on you.” “it’s mutual.” [nervous laughter]


Vik Muniz (Brazilian, b. 1961)
Narcissus, After Caravaggio (From Pictures of Junk), 2005
©Vik Muniz/Courtesy of Edwynn Houk Gallery

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three people have confessed to having a crush on me in the past 24 hours. no really what even is my life. like, they straight up said “i am attracted to you”, “ive got a crush on you” and “id be on that list of people that have crushes on you”. direct much? what is mercury even doing up there?!

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Mike Kelley

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Arthur Tress - Spinal Tap, 1996 | More

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Emmanuelle Pidoux (France) - Fumée, 2009             Drawings

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